I recently purchased an electric fireplace for my condo here in Toronto and I wanted to share my experiences.

First off, when you mentioned electric fireplace to me, my first thought was some kind of orange paper wiggling around behind glass that resembled a kid’s puppet show.  St least that was my first though since that’s how I remembered them as a kid.

Wow was I wrong.

I can’t believe how awesome and realistic the new electric fireplaces look.  The flames look realistic, unless you have your face against the glass, and the look and feel just feels modern, which I like.

We purchased a wall mounted electric fireplace that sat below our well mounted tv in our family room.

Setup was snap, we mounted it on the wall, as opposed to a flush mount, so we just needed to use the mounting brackets and hook up the standard electric line to an outlet.  We opted to pay an electrician to hard wire it so we didn’t have to see the cord, but you can do either.

Below is a neat infographic that talks about the benefits of an electric fireplace.  If you live in Toronto, this store a great for finding a wall mounted electric fireplace.

So are electric fireplaces better than gas?  Yes!

Electric Fireplaces