Since Michael Phelps walked away with a boat load of Olympic gold this month, many people have been interested in not only swimming but a product that Michael supports and promotes, swim spas.

He used them for training and leisure and swim spas have been gaining ground and representing a ;larger and larger portion of total hot tub sales in North America.

So what are swim spas?  They are basically oversized hot tubs with propulsion devices that allow you to turn it into a swim lane and swim without having to have a swimming pool.  It’s like a treadmill for swimming.

They can also double as a giant hot tub, great for parties and larger families.  Due to their portable nature and smaller footprint over a traditional swimming pool, they make a great addition for a small backyard and can even be placed indoors.

I purchased my Coast swim spa last year from Hot Tubs Ontario, we use it every day and have found we get mich longer use from it during the year than a regular swimming pool.  The heated water allows us to go far into the fall and start earlier in the spring over a regular pool.  We are even thinking about bringing it indoors so we can use it year round.

The infographic below shows some great info about hot tubs and swim spas, hopefully, it’ll give you the info you are looking for to help make your decision.


Benefits of a Swim Spa